Hi! I’m Dan and I’m a creative writer here in norwich, england. Please read some of my work on this site. I am very influenced by Bukowski. I write about outsiders and those that are forgoten or don’t quite fit into society. Themes include love and loss. I also write about my life. I grew up in care and have experiened life in the raw. Focus on Flash fiction and poetry. I have had a little recognition in a competition and have some flash fiction published to the net. I work as a cleaner but am staring at the stars! thanks. dan. (this is all very early work, currently workshoping poetry and longer fiction. watch this space! cheers. dan).



  1. Hi Dan
    This is cool.. I grew up in the ‘system’ here in New Zealand. My stuff is at Stewbest.blogspot.com. Let talk and compare notes eh???

    • hi. some powerfull stuff on your blog. really like poem ‘your eyes’. poem ‘benefit” and think it was called ‘speaking to a crowd’. ‘let us play the strings of insanity’ is a really nice phrase especially in the context of the poem too. :). yea drop us an email any time u want to chat about writing. god knows its awfully difficult!!!

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